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"Now make like my pants, and split." - The Comic Book Guy

Welcome to Thoughts From Hell! Here, you will find notes passed in class between Terra Linda High School students Jeffrey Faden, James Gowdey, and Steve Caires.

The notes are presented in their entirety, and color-coded for your convenience. Notes are categorized by date.

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9/6/02 -- As you can see, no, we haven't had any time (or good content) to update lately, but here's the fabled Haircut Boogie from ages ago, mixed by Steve . And finally linked to from this site. >_<
11/15/01 -- AHAHA this is James, actually updating my bio and the FMS a little (to get up to date with Junior year), as well as some TL Quotes. I'd like to start updating this place again, since I've had a few things to write down lately.
-- Added 5/15/01.
5/16/01 -- Added 5/16/01, and "Nessa" to the FMS.
4/24/01 -- Added more on to 4/6/01.
4/24/01 -- Added 1/20/00 and 3/30/01.
4/23/01 -- Added the Frequently Asked Questions. Thanks to BobCFed08 for the idea.


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1/20/00 - Loveline from HELL Episode 2
Jeffrey, James and Steve create an add-on Loveline script, starring the leader of the 2000 Anime Club, Joey.

4/10/00 - Fill In The Blanks Comic
Jeffrey, James and Steve create a comic strip, then fill in the speech balloons afterwards. With multiple punchlines!
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5/2/00 - Omid is Really Annoying
Jeffrey, James and Steve discuss the problem with their fellow classmate, who has been labeled "master of annoying catchphrases."
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11/20/00 - Cross Country and Callidus
James rants about the unpopularity of Cross Country, and how Callidus is, and always will be, a dick.
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1/10/01 - Movie Makin': Capped in Canada
James conjures up a cracked-out movie plot from the depths of his half-Canadian mind, and Jeffrey adds the art. Special cameo appearance of Felix Sargent.
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1/11/01 - James Tries to Convert Jeffrey
Includes a step-by-step guide on how to become a technohead raver!

1/21/01 - The TL-Bashing Song
A new smash hit sung to the Can-Can by James.

2/12/01 - Words of the Typical Idiot High Pot Schooler Smoker
James gives a perfect example why all YGG's should be sterilized.
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3/16/01 - Jeffrey Notices James is Better Than Him
Jeffrey talks about James's increasing popularity, and James gets a happiness buzz.
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3/30/01 - Felix Insults Mr. Barnes
James remarks about Felix insulting Mr. Barnes publicly after being dared by Steve.

4/2/01 - Jeffrey Expresses Physical Pain from FFX Withdrawal
Jeffrey expresses that his not wanting to learn anything about Final Fantasy X until it is released is giving him an actual pain in the ass. Cameo guest Felix Sargent sympathizes.
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4/13/01 - RPG World - TAG
Jeffrey gets an idea that will REVOLUTIONIZE EVERYTHING!!!
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5/16/01 - Corie is Bi
Steve rants about his friend, and what she does with the rest of her swim team.

5/15/01 Attention TL Track Runner(s)
This rant's especially for you.

8/29/01--Present - The Sounds of TL
Miscellanious "wtf" quotes gathered from our favorite school. These are all collected into the Haircut Boogie.