Frequently Asked Questions
Trust me, I know these are hard to understand, especially if you're not from Terra Linda High School. But we're trying to make them as understandable (hence funny) as usual, so here are some questions certain people have asked us about the site... they may answer yours.

Q: These thoughts are from Hell?
A: The name originates from a few rants that James sent to me in Freshman year, titled "Thoughts From HELL." Since they kinda set the mood for all the other notes, I named the site that.

Q: What kind of nerd saves the notes he's passed in class to his friends? Isn't that the kind of thing you throw away at the end of the period?
A: It wasn't until a few notes we passed to each other and James crumpled up until I found that these things are pretty funny. I decided to keep all of these so I could embarrass James one day by making them public. They're public now, but they don't embarrass James because he was a dumbass back then (like he isn't now, HEH).

Q: Uh... this whole thing is a bunch of inside "you had to be there" jokes. Even if we knew exactly what they were, we wouldn't know what you were talking about.
A: That's why there are a few things to help you read our TFH. First, there are red asterisks scattered throughout the papers. They signify that whatever precedes it requires some clarity, and it is explained in better detail at the bottom of the page. Then there's the Frequently Mentioned Stuff, which is a list of things mentioned so often in our papers that we'd get sick and tired of writing red asterisks for all of them, so we just made a seperate list of them. Definitely keep this open while reading our TFH for easy reference. Still don't understand something? Visit our forum for further questions.