Frequently Mentioned Stuff

Hullo, Jeffrey here. I'm here today with a list of frequently mentioned
stuff in our humble little notes. Read this over thoroughly, or just keep it open as you read our notes. It'll make many inside jokes seem a little clearer... we hope.

Aaron Jeweler -- A former REALLY COOL GUY who refers to all his friends as NURRRDS.
Alex Tuttle -- A kid who calls himself "communist," listens to ska and punk rock, and has a very funny sarcastic attitude. Or if you're Jeff, "funny."
Anime Club -- Jeffrey is a member of the club, where nerds sit and watch anime at lunch. Split into two clubs lately, one run by Jeff, one by John.
Annette -- A YGG who hates "dorks" (like Jeffrey) but had a soft spot for depressed people (like James). Is now in none of James's classes, but at least she cheered him up in sophomore year.
BobCFed08 -- A sarcastic former staff member of the Swamp, always wears a hat. Lives somewhere like Arkansas or something.
Brianna Meyer (Bri)
-- A YGG in James's sophomore Biology class. Like Annette, she got James to be happy for once.
Bruce -- The TL boys Cross Country and Track coach.
Cable Modem Midnight Thwacker (CMMT) -- Jeffrey and James have cable modems, therefore they don the title of "Cable Modem Midnight 'Thwacker'." Think of the possibilities with such a fast connection... lyrics to his theme song can be found here.
Caitlin -- James's younger sister. Being a middle school student, has started to develop YGG tendencies.
Callidus -- A young "graphic designer" on the internet with an arrogant attitude. Constantly annoyed James and Jeffrey until he was put on Ignore.
Captain Winkey -- Steve's cartoon character - a drunk, French, sheep-loving pirate.
d00dspeak -- A hacker-like dialect where letters are replaced with similar-looking numbers or symbols (e.g. E = 3)
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) -- Jeffrey is a member. He's straight, but hates homophobia.
Felix Sargent -- An English-Australian TL student, born on the same day as Jeffrey. Star of the local Vector Theater Conservatory.
Henry Silva -- A cross country and track runner, often seen sporting track clothes. Teases James about liking Stephanie.
John Wang -- A kid with a head the shape of a "W." He argued with James for months about techniques in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
Loveline -- A hilarious radio show starring Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew, answering (usually) stupid callers' sexual/drug related issues.
Lily -- Jeffrey's younger sister, and the most popular girl at her school. Her personality is almost the opposite of Jeffrey's.
Mikosi -- An internet alias for Jeffrey's LONG-time female friend. We don't actually refer to her as "Mikosi," she just would rather remain anonymous.
Mme. Peck -- Our generic freshman year French teacher.
Mme. Quinby -- The sophomore/junior year French teacher. She used to be a preschool teacher, which shows from her constant singing.
Mr. Bosci -- A football coach who teaches math...or vice versa.
Mr. Shaffer -- The best math teacher evar, not afraid to make crazy laughs or start his own catchphrases. A Bingo game (made by James) was released for him.
Mr. Sorenson - James's orchestra teacher (thus the quote joke).
Mrs. Butero -- James's sophomore year English teacher.
Ms. Holbert -- Jeffrey's sophomore year Biology teacher, and James's freshman Biology teacher/Chemistry tutor. Is young, tends to speak in surfer lingo, and is a champion Ultimate Frisbee player. Currently in Italy.
Nessa (Vanessa) -- Steve's "friend"; a big-busted Jewish girl at a Catholic school who rows and has a thing for Desert Eagles.
NURRRD (MMMMR) -- A very common phrase among Aaron.
Omid -- James's friend; lover of rock, guitars, and pretty loud at times.
Ragnarok -- A staff member at the Swamp. Smart, but takes things very literally and explains things in overly great detail.
Sage -- A girl in our French class. James thinks she's PaRappa.
*sploit* --Steve's favorite sound effect in the whole world. The posibillities on what the noise comes from are endless.
Stephanie (Steph Bear, SB, WC, any variation of those phrases) -- A somewhat simple-minded girl in our French class. Excels at all sports, especially cross country. Due to a misunderstanding in English class freshman year, James thinks he's in love.
Subsonic -- A late night 4 hour electronica mix on Live 105, a San Francisco radio station.
Terra Linda High School (TL) -- Jeffrey and James' high school. Frowned upon.
You-Go-Girl (YGG) -- Your average babbling, airheaded teenage girl. Over the years, James and Jeff have found around 65% of TL's female population to be YGG.