Quotes from Terra Linda High School
compiled by James Gowdey

"Shakespeare wuz SMOKIN'!"

"I think that the Holocaust was bad because...well...Hitler and all his...gang member or whatever, killed people."

Mr. Sorenson: (violin teacher) "Loosen your G-string a little."

"I gotta read a lotta words, yo!"

"Is there any singing in the song?"

"...like, that...like, board thing and everything...y'know?"

Mr. Shaffer: "Let's not have any diarrhea of the mouth." -

Mr. Shaffer: "I'm flexible. I've got plenty of flexible."

Carly on lynchings: "It's like when a big mob, like, sees a black person, and the go and hang him on a tree...and it's really bad...y'know?"

Aaron: "Where's the hacky-sack?"

Freshman 1: "...an' I fuckin' HATE HER."
Freshman 2: "Yeah, what was it?"
Freshman 1: "I dunno...some shit about...stuff..."

Carly on San Francisco: "I think it's cool how, like, so much stuff, like, started here, y'know...like, I dunno...I'm just, like, proud to live by there!"

"What's 'fecal particles'?"

Mme Quinby on finals: "Well, if your grade is a 76, and you get, say, a 99 on the final, it won't give you an A...probably not even a B. You'd probably end up with, like, a B+."

"I wuz there for, like, five days, and it was interesting how much the kids trusted you after you've seen them, like, 24/7."

"Wait, how do you know your IQ? You, like, took a test?"

YGG: "Well, I ain't goin' to, like, Harvard or anything, I'm takin' my ass over to Sac-ra-MENTO!"
Guy: "You mean a school in Sacramento?"
YGG: "I dunno, I'm just goin' to Sac-ra-MENTO!"

YGG: You can't just marry your stepbrother, though.
YGG2: Yah, I know, I can't...but he's soooo hot!

Ms. Brock: "And ya wanna know something even more crazier?"

Jon: (to Ms. Brock) "So where did you go after you finished the race? Where did you celebrate?"
Ms. Brock: "I celebrated!"

Jon: (talking about Mr. Polk's sister) "So is she younger than Mr. Polk?"
Ms. Brock: "No, she's younger."
Jon: "Is she pretty?"
Ms. Brock: *nods*
Jon: "Would you go out with her?"

YGG (Lauren Friedman): "I think it would be really...a lot more better."