Hi James =) =) <3! =)
Jeffrey Faden

Do you know what I've noticed? You're probably
as popular as I, and we're both getting
more popular. (I'd say that you're getting more
popular than I, but I've got to give myself
some credit hohe).
You're getting "n0+32" from both Bri and, ugh,
Annette, you're succeeding in Cross Country, and
you're not afraid to shout

in the hall (I think). No, believe me, I am.
Me, on the other hand, I've got two drooling
anime girls crawling all over me, and 10 other
anime boys coming over tonight HEHEHE. **
You can take that as a good thing or a bad thing.

That's really not saying much about either of
us, since we're both still MMMMMRs who
hang out in the lab and pick our noses in
public bed.

I wonder if sitting next to Annette will improve
our little "relationship." For one thing, if she sees
mw writing FUCK SHIT CRAPBITCH (oops-sorry) to you in class,
she'll notice a -gasp!- similarity!

*uncross* --> Love,
*uncross* --> Jeffrey


Warning: Overflowing, gushy thoughts ahead.
(Dammit, that was all Alex saw when he looked over...)

I don't know about our popularity being the same, but I can
honestly say that my Job (think FFTactics oop u haven't palyd ehe) ok FF5*] <--WTF
has raised from MMMMRRRRR! to MMMR! during my 15th
year of existence in my worthless life--


I vow (like I vow not to visit Rotten.com) to never develop the Callidus
attitude of "I'm worthless, no matter what I think," now that I've
been inspired by Annette 'n Ms. Holbert 'n the uplifting, tear-jerking (really!
I'm a pansy late at night) song, "Life" by Our Lady Peace. Take these
moving quotes from people that have CHANGED MY LIFE this year!

(Guess the quotee!) ***
"Totally, you've got sooo much to live for! Just wait till college when you can surf!"
"I hate this. French is too hard. *nods*"
Life, is waiting FOR YOU!
It's almost up, and we're ALII-IVE!
Oh, Life
Is waiting FOR YOU!
"LIFE" 2DAY ehe
Do! Do! Doodoodoodoo... doodoo, doo doodoo!"
"You suck, James."
"Raw sewage gives me a boner.
77777777777777777 8
"You should use Doom's anti-air assist to set
up Commando for a DHC into AHVB..."
<-- Seriously, this song made me
weep with joy when I looked back
on all the improvements I've
made this year. For the time
being, I've picked this as the
song to play at my funeral.
Speaking of funeral, NO, I'm not thinking of suicide. I'll need another page
and a Yahoo! email compose box to say why I'm more happy these days (in short:
Soul Searchin', Annette, Jeffe, and GOOD MUSIC)... which reminds me, I should
mail Annette after school today. She's shown me that I shouldn't judge people
so harshly now. BTW, Alex Tuttle is ANNOYING.

* Some people actually do that at school. Also, "I see his big penis" is from a parody of "One Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy 7.
** Jeffrey had an anime party that night.
*** Need help? 1) Annette 2) Ms. Holbert 3) Steph Bear 4) "Life" by Our Lady Peace 5) Jeffrey 6) Some weird email flame 7) Shoryuken.com