I'm going through a very hard time
in my life. You see, Final Fantasy
X is a top story i

--you still reading? Anyway, Final
Fantasy X is getting a lot of press
these days. I swore to myself that
I would PAINFULLY enjoy the HELL
out of this game, so I'm taking
PAINSTAKING precautions to not read
ANYTHING about the game until
it comes out. And that's in November.
On gaming sites right now are screenshots,
info, and even trailers. It's all so close
to me, yet so far away.

That's why I'm in so much pain these
days. In the words of Eric Cartman,

Right... I know your pain...

I recently got the game black +
White. OMFG! it is such a beautiful
and amazing game! sigh...

My pain's gone away. Your taunting (if that's what
it is) has replaced my pain with disgust.

Lol, its not taunting... but
anyway, what pain would you

I don't know what the hell you just asked
me, but now I think my actual pain came
from using too much vaseline Saturday
--the sad part about things like what I just
said - you know I'm joking, but then again,
I wouldn't mention something so disgusting
unless something to that extent actually happened.

Felix is in dark red.
* "prefer?"