About Jeffrey

My name is Jeffrey Faden. I'm a 15-year-old student in San Rafael, CA, and I go to Terra Linda High School.

I usually sport a goatee, and currently have short, bleached hair.

I have a sister named Lily (she likes Charlie's Angels 2000 and thinks one-sided "shirts" are "vogue," 'nuff said), a dog named Java (after the coffee and the programming language), a cat named Pancakes, and another named Shayna.

My parents have been divorced since 1992, but they live in the same town and I visit both of their houses. I find it a strain on my grades and my time to constantly go between houses, but I find it worthwhile, because living with one of my parents endlessly for a long time would probably make me go crazy(ier than I already am).

My favorite colors are white and blue. My favorite numbers are 377, 231, 9, and 13. My favorite video game is Final Fantasy 6. My favorite artist, coincidentally, is Yoshitaka Amano.

I'm the co-founder of the Midgar Swamp, a gaming humor site. I have been on the internet since 1995, and have gone under the nickname of JeffreyAtW since then. I have never told anyone what AtW stands for, yet I do mention the symbol of Alpha and Omega - upper-case Alpha ("A") and lower-case Omega ("w") balancing on a cross ("t"), forming "AtW." I am a good cartoonist for my age, and have submitted my comics to local magazines in the past. I enjoy anime, but not the crap that is shown on American TV. I compose and sequence music on the computer, using MIDI synthesizers. I like alternative rock and symphonic music.

I have been playing the piano for 10 years, but I'm really not THAT good for such a long time. I am very good at improvising and playing pieces I've heard from memory. Reading music is not exactly one of my strong points, although I can play a mean Tarrentella. I also play guitar.

I am Jewish, but I don't practice most aspects of the religion. I own the Anime Club at my school. I take Japanese classes at a local community college. I played as Sampson in a school production of Romeo and Juliet, and was a lighting technician for some earlier plays.

What irks me is that I lead a relatively dull life-style. I don't mean like "I haven't scaled the Grand Canyon without restraints like in MI:2" dull, but like this: I've never had any impediments, like glasses, obesity, acne, cavities, broken bones, and so on. Here's just one of my sample mini-rants - more can be found at the Midgar Swamp.

I'm very optimistic and peaceful (both my English and Hebrew names mean "peace"), but sarcastic. I don't like most of the kids in my school. I refer to them as "airheads" because they don't think for themselves. I don't do drugs or smoke; I am strictly against both, and enjoy showing so to roughly 85% of the kids at my school who do. I tend to worry too much about the rest of the world, for example, how other kids act, what will happen to me when I grow up, overpopulation, drug probelems, and what will happen to the world's future governments and people. But I like to think that everything will turn out for the better.