When Will They Learn?
Ha-ha. Well now?

    Looks like a freshman on track who's obsessed with saying my name
(Him: "JAMESGOWDEY." Me: "...") looked for my name in a
search engine, and lo, a crapload of results came up, since I've
had such a   lack of a   life for so long. Him and his friends --
    of doing stupid stuff online
Mrs. Butero: James? You're supposed to say "he," not "him"... James? *twitch**

--he and his friends had a good time laughing at my bio. Which makes sense, since
that thing only illustrates how much of a MMMMRRR I am. I went along
+ "I'm laughing,
but you say
one more thing,
and I'll killll
with it and pretended not to care, but inside, I had the ol' "Tagui groove" going. +
But oh yeah, I forgot, I've got the cutesy little Ego-Shield on, so that makes it
okay for "cool kids" (why am I envying the lives of smartass freshmen?) to bounce
insults off me. After all, the stereotype is stull there: People who go online a
lot are [insert "Voices" insult @ here]s.
@ "BOZO!" "Loooserrrrrr...."**

* "Uncool" word,
said in the
Chemistry Loser

** Shoryuken.com

***  *_*

Guy in my Chemistry class just now: "It gets immune* to that... *cracks up*"

Why is it that sounding smart is a bad thing? How come the people who are right
are the ones who have no lives?** Why do people make fun of "nerdy" sounding
places that they've never been to ("Sho - ryu - ken???")? How come people who put up
asteriks*** next to words are losers? Because they know too much, and that needs to
be stopped? Why is analyzing certain parts of conversation a Bad thing? Why the hell
does this sound like a really bad speech? am I talking in questions?

Anyway, I'm hoping they'll find out that TFH is a pretty funny place in itself, after
they read a few papers. They guy who kept saying "Ohhhh my God this guy had NO
LIFE" right next to my face agreed that Omid Is Really Annoying.

Of course, uh, now O'n I are friends again. And thinking O's Annoying doesn't mean I have a "life" like them.

Post this paper up as soon as you can, so the idiots mocking me for having "no life" can
keep it to themselves. Damn, I guess this means my life is going to suck again. And
I was feeling so much better these days, too. I guess that's life for ya, then.

The worst part about this is that they don't understand when we're serious
on TFH or not. ("Ass hero?"***), which leaves it open to more ridicule. And
yes, I said "ridicule." Vocabulary, ESPECIALLY when you're WRITING
SOMETHING, doesn't make you look "nerdy." If that were true, and
if people wrote the way they talked, then "hella" would be seen a LOT
more in books. The entire world would have AOL literacy...think about it.
There's a reason people are a little (GATHP) "wordy" online... it's so we don't
turn into pot smoking skater/jocks who hate words with syllables.

Or:"God dammit, this HELLA fuckin' wrecked my day. Doze punk-ass freshmen
shouldn't make fun of hella shit they don't fuckin' understand. Shit."

I should mail Annette about this. She'd understand!
Annette isn't
my momma.
*runs home crying to mommy*

So anyway, you think we'll have to redisgn TFH to make it more compatible
with guys like them (read: Most of TL)? I'm all for making my bio a little less...
PANSYISH. I can't believe I included my CAT... wait, that was only
because you did. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Don't change your bio just to sound like
Eminem to impress dumbasses on your track
team. Your biography is supposed to be truthful
and from your voice. If you're a "loser," so
be it.

See, I'd probably not be able to live, knowing
all about the stuff that's said behing my back.
But I don't really care to find out, so I'm fine.
Changing to act like them won't make you
feel any better. You're smart enough to know
that life would suck even more having to conform
to society every waking moment of your life.

* See 5/14/01.
** See 5/11/01.
*** See 4/13/01.