I am about to take a massive undertaking
in RPG Maker 2000...

It all fits together. The plot's already
made, as well as the character stats,
etc., etc. I just need to make the
charsets, and the music. Goot idee? Maybe
you could help...

Good idea for a project -- Whateverhisnameis will appreciate it. If
you have anything you need me to do, I'll be more than happy to
slack off and never end up finishing it!

Whoops. Su goi-e = AWESOME.**

Also, Annette is completely FREAKED
at rats. I brought Aspen*** out of her cage
and Annette jumped a foot in the air
while sitting. I wonder why she finds
rats so disgusting... maybe a bad history
like that comic I read on AUC****.........................

Special Big Red Edition! No.

* RPG World is a great web comic, and TAG stands for "The Actual Game."
** Jeffrey asked if James knew what "sugoi" meant, and James gave a delayed response.
*** Aspen is Ms. Holbert's class pet rat.
**** I'd rather not say what it stands for.