Adam: ...and so I told her, "Hey, baby, when
you're stirrin' that yeasty kettle with my fleshy spoon,
sometimes a little gravy drips out... That's what I'm talkin'
about! You gotta clean that thing up, or you whack it back
and forth like a couple of Chinamen playin' ping-pong!"
("Whoooooooo hoo!")
Drew: You're sure it wasn't Russian men?
Adam: Shut up, Drew.
(*dun dun CH!*)
Adam: Joey, you're 17... "has obsession with cat-girl android"?*
Joey: *animé music in the background* Y-yeah... um, she's
got really big ta-tas, and, um, in episode #230, um, she
was LOOKING at me!

*random elephant falls on Drew*
Adam: Oh my god, they killed Drew!**

*Drew gets back up*
Drew: Hey, that felt kinda good.
("You're gay.")

Adam: Joey, do you know what beastiality is?
Joey: Uh, yeah...
Adam: Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy...

Joey: Well, uh... here's te problem...
Adam: Go on.
Joey: Well... I caught cat girl having
sex with my mom.
Adam: Sure that wasnt your dad?
Joey: No, he was going at it with the maid.***

Adam: ...ouch. That happened to me once.
(Adam: "I, uh, did some gay porn in the late 70s...")
Adam: I should NEVER have done that show drunk...
Drew: Were you abused in any fashion when you were younger?
Joey: ...yeah.
Drew: By a cat?
Joey: Mm hm... with a ball of yarn.
Drew: M'kay... that explains why you're drawn to the cat girl...
Adam: I thought it was because of the ta-tas.
("Nice rack!")

Joey: Mmmm... kitty tatas.......
P *beeep! Hoily shit*y tatas****

* Reference to "Nuku-Nuku All Purpose Catgirl," which we were watching in the Anime Club.
** Jeffrey tried changing the subject.
*** So did Steve, it seems.
**** The rest of this was cut off because it made no sense.