"Technoheads are idiots...
They're alllll... drug addicts and losers, who
Don't... even play instruments --
Just push buttons on their computers"

(the theme song of Subsonic, "Technoheads Are Idiots")

You should get into this electronica stuff, Jefe. It's the best
kind of music to listen to on the computer, on a long car (or, as of
this Saturday, bus * ) ride, outside on a walk, hell, even (in bed)!
Plus, you can act cool by liking it while nobody except a 1337 few
know what you're talking about.

If you wanna start getting into it, use the Jimbo Method (the
Crystal Method works, too):

1) Start listening to Subsonic on Live 105 on Saturdays at midnight. You're thwackin'
away at that hour, anyway. And if you are, in fact, in bed, turn the
radio down to a low volume to set a trippy mood. You don't even have
to hear more than 10 minutes of it! I only listened to 5-10 minutes each SS
for a few weeks when I started out.

2) Download some random MP3s by Paul Van Dyk, ATB, Sasha, John
Digweed, Chemical Brothers, Moby, and the Propellerheads. Oh, and
Alex D'Eila vs. the Ebop Allstars' "Isn't Life Wonderful" (the 3:43
version). It should take about 20 seconds for the ol' CMMT.

3) Start listening to Subsonic for longer periods of time (30-60 minutes,
if ya can.) You'll start accepting the funky flow + various styles (trance,
club, jungle, drum 'n bass). Then you'll be ready to...

4) Buy Paul Van Dyk's new CD, "Out There and Back." It's got
a bonus CD, a bunch of great tracks, remixes of them, multimedia on the bonus CD
that you can access on the computer, and best of all, the first CD links together

all the tracks into ONE CONTINUAL MIX~! Steve fell
asleep listening to it every night for a month when he got it.
*** Then you'll have gotten to my level of Technoheadedness! TM ***
The next step is to buy some glowsticks and bring them to school,
dressed in all orange, with Seanbaby hair, acting like a crazed lunatic...

Then you go to a rave in San Francisco and screw whatever's on the
floor while you're on ecstasy... (sp?)

...but I haven't gotten up there yet.* :P
* Unless that
dream was true
last night...
RANDOM: Sage is still PaRappa. Give her a PJ Berri Pie or something!

RANDOM 2 : Get Mikosi into electronica! Even if it means "Clockwork Orange" - style!

RANDOM 3 : I should get BOOT** into it. I can picture her as a raver...

The main reason why I like electronica: It's much less repetitive
than rock 'n stuff. Meaning that you can hear the same Paul Van Dyk
song forever, and an STP song for only so long... electronica isn't as much
as "music music" as it is "mood music". Like the classical music
they play in a fancy hotel in movies.


** From now on, I'm just gonna stop mentioning her in these papers... maybe
the stupid obsession will wear off. (btw, FXCK YOU HENRY :) **

* We went on a ski trip that Saturday, on a bus.
** Henry announced to the French class that James likes Stephanie. Fortunately, Stephanie wasn't there that day.