Arianna*:  "And so me an' him were behind the bar when noone wuz lookin'
and we were all 'HOLY SHIT!' an' then we got like 6 bottles of
beer out an' we drunk them ALL in like 6 SECONDS and then omigod
we were like SO PLASTERED when we got out an' my mom saw
me goin' all "w0000!" and she's all "I'm so glad your having
a god time!!!" and I'm like "y34hhh!!1 w000" and she wuz
all dancing with everyone and I was SO OFF and just all "w0000!"
and then I saw him but he walked past me to get more drinks an'
I'm all WHATEVER and then I woke up at like 2:00 and I'm
all "uhhhhh...what happened?" cuz I was so PLASTERED!"

So THIS is what "da cool kidz" do. I've had more fun [FILL IN THE BLANK]

Another thing that's funny: These girls talk about their moms ALL the time.
Probably because they can relate to them. Annette's mom sounds like she's 30.

Annette:  "Have you seen my mom? Omigod she's always wearing these skirts
and these red shoes and, like, everyone else is all 'DAIYM, BITCH!"
and she's all "w00OOO!" and I'm all 'okaaaaaay mom!' and
she's all dancin an' shit and it's SO WEIRD because, like, nobody
else's mom is like this and it's the funniest shit, because me an-"

Mr. Bosci: "ANNETTE!"

Annette: "My mom's hella there, too! She's at Arianna's club! She had, like, 8,
and she's all, 'Yeah, I had, like, 8.' And then she had a date and-"
Generic YGG: "My mom like totally gets off there too! She's SO tight!"
Lindsay: "And then they're all spreading rumors about my mom, and they're
all scandelous an' I'm all-"

Mr. Bosci: "LINDSAY!"
*long pause*

Lindsay:  "An' so anyway I feel so bad for her and I'm sayin' 'Don't talk about my mom, bitch!'

Loveline's taught me well here. Hearing idiots like this who wear
Prostitute Suits (new armor in Chrono Cross) and 10" heels while they get
sodomized with 10" dicks and drink kegs of beer while smoking cigarettes
( la Kramer) ......... SHOULD BE STERILIZED.
Why the hell do they act like they're in their 20's? Because their
moms are in their 20's?

Meanwhile, On the other end of the room, Kacey, Darcy, etc: "My dog's learning how to kiss!"

And on the other end, Ora, Pani,** etc: "I saw him again on the bus and he-"

* This page is littered with random YGG's names.
** Less popular girls.