Got a few things I was thinking aboot.

First, running.

During Geometry, I was listening to the random stoners around me,
and one of them was complaining about having to run Devon* in P.E. Now, I'll
try not to be arrogant or anything, but we Cross Country-ers don't
get enough credit. The way she was feeling after running Devon
was how I felt after waking up at 4:40 AM, getting to TL at 5,
being in a cramped car for 2 hours, running 3 miles in 40 weather in
the equivalent of an undershirt and boxers over hills against the best
high school runners in northern California, then driving 2 hours back
while listening to the entire Marshall Mathers LP. THIS is why more
people should know about, heck, even JOIN Cross Country. Football players
are so overrated, it's not even funny. I was looking at the Players
of the Week board, and there was one post about Ross beating his time
by 30 seconds at Drake** (looked lke it was typed with Word), and next
to it were about 4 articles about football, with color pictures, from
the newspaper and everything. People just barely know we're here (if it weren't
for Stephanie, we wouldn't even be noticed)!

Next, D33P Thoughts on the Internet.

Also, in (surprise) Geometry, I was thinking about (surprise) WC, and
comparing her to Callidus. WC has THE greatest personality*** . Maybe
not a straight A person, or someone who is already sick of all the pop
culture references, or someone who can name all the helmets in FF4... but
she's HAPPY WITH HER LIFE. She doesn't need sex 'n drugs to rebel
from crappy parents*, she's just happy talking with her friends and doing sports.
* I really hope...
Now look at Callidus. HE. IS. PATHETIC. I don't know much about him,
but judging from my conversations with him, his whole life revolves around
his _awful_ website. He said the only two things he's happy with are his work, -->

and plugs his site every other line (no, not drugs). He's obviously not
happy with the rest of his life, or else he wouldn't have learned to type
perfectly by 13. The Too Much Free Time Award comes to mind. And it's not
all because of that. It's the fact that he's a 13 year old who has the
ego of the waiter in Faris Beuler's Day Off. He's so caught up in his work,
and so disgusted in everything else (what he said about sports comes
I told him
that the
reason we don't
update the
Swamp every day
is because we
have LIVES.
Then, I defined
a "life."
He called his website superior to ours, and it's been up for

Now who would you rather be, WC, with no knowledge of the new and a
happy life, or Callidus, with an ego larger than his head (in personality
terms, f00), and a crappy, unfulfilled life?

a week: He's
actually trying to
be as funny as
Something Awful
and Seanbaby.
I showed him failures
like his, like Lobstaboy.
Or me, who has a crappy life, a knowledge of, and growing disinterest
of the net, and an obsession with WC?
Let's face it.
He's as pathetic as
Omid wanting to be
in Pt. Reyes: TAG.****
I would rather be in your shoes, but with
my personality. I like my personality, and I
believe that your life's agenda is, believe it or not,
pretty good.
Well, you may think so... yeah. At times. I love my music now, thanks to
this kickass guy at camp.

But if you insist that Water Closet (de fok?) has a better
life than toi, I guess I would want to be her.
She's got so many extra-curriculur achievements, and
I always thought she was a good student. she'd
probably be better without all the extra stuff she
Sports do kinda bring down grads... but they keep you away from Callidus
  territory. She's got a good balance of grades 'n life. Wonder what Callidus is getting.

You've never been a football player, so you don't
know how hard it is. I'd imagine it's harder, since it
requiresd (a lot of) skill.
I didn't say it wasn't hard, I said it's too popular! Those guys
are just over rated! Why doesn't the Cross Country team get more recognition? We're athletes!

Take advantage by meeting and listening to Water Closer
during Chrono Cross Country.
BUT ME! And that includes her other friends! And there's nothing to say! And I'm nervous! And-

* Devon is the street that runs behind the school. Jeffrey lives on it.
** Drake is a neighboring high school.
*** Proven horribly wrong by later notes.
**** TAG = The Actual Game. An RPG Maker 2000 project that James abandoned later.