I gotta say, that Mr. Barnes dare was one of the highlights of
this year. "Wonderful!" is gonna be how I respond to more things now.

A)  I'm starting to enjoy watching the stupid
kids here. Like the moshers who all walk away
with bloodied faces,* the kids who make cow
noises down the hall,** the giggling girls who scream
about a movement someone made with their arm,***
or the completely drugged up fools.

B)  If this doesn't make God smash His face
into a wall laughing, nothing does.

X)  In other news, I think I'm flunking French.
Tests count toward too much of our grade. Unfortunately,
feeling consistently depressed is not one of my strong points,
therefore I constantly forget something bad is happening.

P Heh. Felix really must shut his mouth. He's not
very popular because he doesn't know when to shut

A:  Me too. It's kinda like looking at the "blob" of moving body parts in a crowd.****
X:  Opposite for me. Being depressed messes up my grads, which makes my parents mad, which makes me
even MORE depressed. I've told 'Nette 'n' Bri about this: ("DUDE. THATSUCKS..." , "Hi, James! ^_^;;")
P Consistatly talking***** works for: Sage, Tuttle, Eric Duran,****** Lily | NOT: Felix, Mme. Quinby, you.

Yesterday, I FINALLY put a stop to John's MvC2 asstrocity by
catching him with a HVB, DHC'd into the Captain Swooordo. He blames
his loss on the clock and the fact that I've been practicing. Losah.

* A local band played during lunch that day, a few kids started moshing, and one cut his eyebrow.
** As Jeffrey was writing this, a kid went "MOOOOO" in the hall.
*** You know the kind... if a member of a boy band even looks at the CAMERA, girls scream because they think he's looking at them.
**** Cool Jeffrey observation: look at a bunch of people, but try not to eye any one individual. The crowd looks like a mass of pulsating body parts.
***** Another Jeffrey observation: some people are funny when they ramble on for no reason, while others are laughed AT because they're not popular.
****** An arrogant, dramatic kid. Teases people for no reason.

...that's a lot of asterisks...