New AddOn Game
3 Playa'
Fill in da Blank!

option 1:
option 2:
option 3:
option 4:

option 5:
option 6:
option 7:
option 8:
option 9:
option 10:

option 11:
option 12:
option 13:
option 14:

option 15:
Option 16:
Option 18:

option 17:
option 18:
option 17:

option 29:
option 30:
option 31:
option 32:

option 33:
option 34:
option 35:

option 36:
A double bacon cheeseburger at McDonalds! *Hyuk!*
Ever been to the Stile Project *voice cracks*?
I'm the King of the World!

Just like apple pie!
Rob Smith!
Lets make more mutton!
Fatty mcgee, youre the fattest!

Oh, don't go theya, you guyth...
And this time, it DOES rhyme with cribbage!
It'th "thuper," but I think you knew that already.

Why is he in a bubble?
Can you say "thrinkage?"
Where did option 17 go?

Hey! I thought I killed you!
Never! *sword fight*
*they take out selves, and options 19-28*
wheres waldo?
Mmmm... peaches mmm

Okay everyone, it's time for JAZZERCISE!
Did you know that in Spiderman, there's a guy
named Jonah Jameson, and in real life
there's a porn star named Jenna Jameson?

No, but it sure felt like Mayonnaise!
...teen steam!...gotta let it out!...c'mon! Work! 1! 2! 3! 5! Go! And 2! 3! 1! 4!
Whaddya MEAN, "we're outta room?!"

You know you've played too much "Barbie Fashion Designer" when...