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Saturday, April 21, 2001

I've noticed that it's a good idea to get OFF the computer when you feel you don't want to do anything on it... or else you start getting really really depressed.

Not that I ever get depressed! Because I'm happy! :) :) :)

To prove that I'm setting my priorities straight (since I want to please Dad so he doesn't forget that he is GETTING ME THAT DAMN PS2 TOMORROW), I actually got off the computer at the right time and watched South Park. Using his new wireless headphones, too! I love you, Dad. Please wake me up before 10 so I can get in line at Best Buy to buy a PS2.


I'm getting really tired of making all those MP3's of 4-16-01. They're really funny (to people at my school), though.

Speaking about that, I've noticed something bad... only people who go to TL actually understand all the stuff we're writing, despite the Frequently Mentioned Questions and stuff. ...That's a bad sign. Maybe I can start an EZBoard for it so people can voice problems they have with the site. I should stop blogging and do so now... but... must... keep... blogging... fun... I think...

I had three simultaneous conversations with people this evening about how they think they're the wisest person in the world, but how they're wrong and I actually am. Hunh. Some attitude these people have. All haughty and such...

All right... getting an EZBoard... NOW.

Jeffrey | 11:08 PM

JeffreyAtW: Hey Pinch, have you visited the Swamp lately?

PINCHY321: ....I'll do so now

JeffreyAtW: Actually...

JeffreyAtW: You should check out our new site... James and I opened it

JeffreyAtW: It's

PINCHY321: okay

listen to me

PINCHY321: you have to stop smokeing crack


JeffreyAtW: But if I STOP smoking crack, that means I'll have to have

JeffreyAtW: And I don't want to start smoking crack.

PINCHY321: may become normal if you do

JeffreyAtW: That is so odd. They give drugs to people (who don't take drugs)
to make them act normal (like Ritalin, Prozac, etc.)

JeffreyAtW: That means that EVERYONE should be on drugs.

JeffreyAtW: Be it legal or illegal, I guess that's the way to go.

JeffreyAtW: Geez.

JeffreyAtW: I must be one of the only kids at my school who DOESN'T take

PINCHY321: that explains alot

JeffreyAtW: Do you act normal?

PINCHY321: what is normal?

JeffreyAtW: That's a perfect question.

JeffreyAtW: Well, since 85% of the people in my school take drugs, I guess
that "drugged up" is normal

PINCHY321: so that would make you abnormal

JeffreyAtW: Exactly.

JeffreyAtW: Which is why you respond to me to tell me to get off crack, when
I haven't even started.

Jeffrey | 9:48 PM


James | 9:46 PM

Time for hardcore ranting






Jeffrey | 7:40 PM

Well, James came over, and we worked on this blog to allow him on it as well. Then we had a lunch at a relatively cheap Italian restaurant, and he went back home. I was arguing with my dad about the PS2 a bit more... he's still up for buying it, but the only feature it's lacking is S-Video... at least I think. Most DVD players have S-Video output.

We went to Best Buy, but there were no PS2's in stock. Instead, we bought wireless headphones, which we spent an hour installing... and in the end they're really not that good quality. They don't work very well near computers, either. But I've got to keep sucking up to Dad and do whatever he says and whatever I can with him until tomorrow morning, when we'll go back to Best Buy and try to buy a PS2 then (new ones are arriving this evening).

I keep having the feeling, after having finished a big assignment for homework, that I've got something more important to do. But I can't put my finger on it. Ah well, if I can't remember it, it couldn't have been THAT important. I do have to babysit for some kids tomorrow; that's going to be fun, those kids look up to me as God (because I can draw Pokemon and act like a 10-year-old myself sometimes).

Thoughts of Thoughts From Hell -- This place is a really good idea, and of course it takes a long time to make. I just hope that all this work (of putting these things on the net, that is... I believe we've gotten sufficient payoff by writing the damn things by laughing so hard at them) pays off in the end by this becoming a popular place. But we'll probably not know if this is popular or not because we haven't even put our emails up, let alone guestbooks, forums, or search engines. I should get to doing that...

That's all for my web blaugh right now (hehehe I stole "web blaugh" from James ehehe).

Jeffrey | 5:18 PM

Is this on?

...woo! I don't know why we bother doing this test update, so I'll pretend like I'm making a first post.

That bread for breakfast was really good today. I don't usually like the "health nut" (pun hahe) kind of bread, but this stuff was damned TESTE. Remind me to remind mom to shop at Trader Joe's (organic store, sells nothing that we'd recognize by name) more often.

Wow, I can see we're off to a great start already! And I remembered a reason why this journal would be different from Jeffe's: 67% less optimism! (as illustrated below)

:D%yayay nonobadD8

James | 12:43 PM

Whenever they go running in the morning, my dad and stepmom don't wake me up. "Teenagers need all the sleep they can get," they say. They don't want to wake me up; they find it rude. Fortunately, I heard my sister whining early this morning, so I caught them in the act of leaving and hurried along with them.

On our walk, my dog Java acted his normal self. Fortunately, he was on a leash, but he still tried jumping into the thorny bushes on the side of the path every chance he got. We then went to Peet's Coffee and I had a little conversation with father.

He planned to buy a DVD player today, and I bargained with him to but a PS2 instead. Conditions:
- I pay $180 for it (that's how much I've saved up so far)
- Dad only lets me play games when I ask him
- Guilt hangs over my head for the rest of eternity that I want to waste my money on this instead of something healthier

Well, at least I know I'm getting a PS2 soon. Yaay.

I also promised I'd do my homework today, so...

Jeffrey | 10:49 AM

Friday, April 20, 2001

So ends my first day as a Blogger. Don't have much to say, besides the fact that Gau and Mog kick more ass than most think. (read: "than I thought")

TTFN, ta ta for now, FYAYWFF (c'mon, you can figure that out, use creativity).

Jeffrey | 10:59 PM


I really hate these types of pictures.

They're just pictures of people at a bad camera angle, making their heads look really big. Besides, half of them aren't even presenting the stuff that's being sold (this example:

Maybe I'm just saying all this because if there was a picture of me on a page I'm trying to advertise, it'd be shut down...

Jeffrey | 6:09 PM

Ooh. Perfect mood to write about right now. There are things that I can do right now, but it's either there's too much and I can't decide, or there's just too little and I have nothing to do. I'm bored, but I feel like fixing it by doing something, but I'm too bored to.

Maybe if I stop taking advantage of Blogger and go out and DO SOMETHING INSTEAD then bye.

Jeffrey | 2:26 PM

Well, I'm finally done with Thoughts From Hell for today. I may want to even start on... ugh... homework. I fried some jumbo shrimp for lunch, and DAMN, did it taste good.

It's times like these when I seriously don't need to write this down.

Jeffrey | 2:20 PM

I was scoutin' around VGMusic and came across the only PaRappa MIDI out there: Car - Level 2.

I dusted off the old PlayStation CD and finished PaRappa in around 30 minutes (or so it seemed.) I've heard recent reports about a sequel (not like Um Jammer) coming out, but I'm not sure... let's hope it's not as crackified as Um Jammer.

Jeffrey | 11:36 AM

Having a computer in my room is such a nice feeling. I get out of bed, take a shower (DOES THAT MAKE YOU ENVIOUS, THAT I'M CLEANER THAN YOU IN THE MORNING? Ahem.), and sit back down in front of the computer, nice and cool, looking at the rain falling gently outside my window onto the wooden staircase leading down to our house.

Wait, that doesn't make sense. I've usually got my eyes fixed on the computer screen when I'm, uh, on the computer.

Last summer because of a decline in grades, my dad moved my SUPAR POWAR DELL STATIEN X 450 PIII (hehe lame) downstairs, leaving my with my lava lamp and my MAD Magazines to keep me warm during the night. I must say it helped, though. So, the conclusion is, get off your lazy ass and whack off to the "emphasized" drawings in MAD Magazine. It will change your life forever.

I've got this laptop in here now because my dad hasn't been using it at all... or maybe he has since it's on a network... maybe he's viewing what I'm writing right now... or not.

My sister invited her friend over, one who gets actual appropriate grades for her intelligence (D's) unlike my sister (A's... AND ONE B+!!!!) They've been playing "Ballas They Gon Ball, Shot Callas They Gon Call DUN DUN-DUN DUN... DUN DUN-DUN DUN-DUN DUN-DUN" OVER AND OVER for the past two hours. They're rehearsing for a dance number at a talent show involving plastic chairs and scrunchies covered with ACTUAL HAIR. The song actually isn't driving me crazy, but that's because my door's closed and the walls do not vibrate easily from loud noise.

Well, I believe it's time to face the real world and go downstairs on to my bigger computer.

Jeffrey | 9:28 AM

Will I EVAR stop Blogging? I've got to run out of things to say sooner or later.

My left tonsil really hurts. It's probably just because I've got a sore throat, but it's sticking out in the back of my mouth like a sore... tonsil. (Nintendo reference of the blog: Think the frog's tonsils in Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.)

Well, forgot what else I was going to say. Spring break is treating me well. Good night for the night.

Jeffrey | 1:13 AM

Snowblading is the best thing EVAR. If'n you've never snowbladed, YOU SUCK.

Ahem. If'n you've never snowbladed/haven't heard of it, they're basically short skis. Since they're smaller, they're much easier to control (think Bowser in Supaa Mario Kaato ULTRA 64), but slower for some odd reason. I loved using them so much that I attempted a few advanced slopes, and only dislocated my voice box twice (a new record)! So, all you skiers, are you up for a challenge? Look elsewhere! Snowblading is the easy way to look cool on the slopes, even though you may be a complete newbie!

Jeffrey | 1:10 AM

Doesn't it feel great when you work on something for hours, you perfect the last bit of it, and it turns out:

A) Really small, but still perfect! :)
B) That you didn't need to do that... it was already done.
C) Like a good addition to something, although now you have to continuously work on it, dragging the rest of the project down?

For example, I'll take what I did in TFH today (er, yesterday)... I scanned in the originals of most of the TFH's up there. Now if anyone's confused with anything, they can take a quick look there. I worked so hard, scanning all that stuff in, but in the long run, it's not such a big deal. It's not like I'm going to get praise for it. Ah well... I guess I'll just have to compliment myself.

That feels good.

Jeffrey | 1:05 AM

Well then. Looks like I've got this whole page figured out. The template's runnin' smoothy, and I've actually got stuff to say, since I'm not stressed! God DAMN do I sound like I work for Blogger.

-- JeffreyAtW, proud member of a Blogger Journal

..uh... anyway, I found this Blogger thing out from Josh Lesnick's own Blogger, "BLOGNICK." Go to Studio Zoe to read his.

...Wow, do I feel special. My lava lamp is pretty. The internet ROCKS. Thanks to my dad, who's worked at Sun for 12 years, for making this happen. YOU ROCK.

Too bad I don't have any emotions (or when I do they're instantly drowned out by optimism)... or else I'd actually have a need for something like this.

Jeffrey | 12:57 AM

Okay again YAYAYAYAY

Jeffrey | 12:48 AM

Hello. This is a GOD DAMN TEST!!!!!!

Jeffrey | 12:30 AM


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