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Saturday, May 26, 2001

Well, my whole head of hair is now yellow. And it kicks a truckload of ass. My sister yesterday said she'd love it, but now she thinks it's ugly. My dad says it'll take some getting used to. But my dog smiled at me while chomping on some dead mouse he found, so that's a good sign.

Wendy's going porno. I don't know if it's the best idea, but what Lesnick wants to do, Lesnick will do. If it relieves stress for him, then by all means. I won't really truly miss Wendy's non-sexual endeavors myself, actually. :)

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Friday, May 25, 2001

Speaking about that, I'm bleaching my hair tomorrow morning.


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Current Mood: FUCKING CRAP

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There was a bomb threat at school during lunch today. It wasn't announced or anything, but I did see a policeman walking out of John's Anime Club, hence the comic. I also "intercepted" an email from John to the original owner of the Anime Club, saying that he's going to crush mine and he's bribing his members with donuts and pastries and that a Cable/Storm/Cyclops team is the best combo for MVC2 and that he can BLAHBLAHMVC2BLAHBLAH. John is CRAZY. I don't think I'm going to close down my club for next year, as originally planned.

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Finally, it's Friday. I'm going through the process of moving this Blog to the Swamp.

For PE today, we're running, biking to the Civic Center and back, and then going swimming. It's like a triathlon! I wonder how many people will call me a pansy for riding a girl's bike (the only thing making it a girl's bike is the lowered bar below the seat). Ah, hell. Time to activate my EGO-SHIELD! *buzz* *swish* *sploit*

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Thursday, May 24, 2001

People actually came to my Anime Club, after announcing that I'm showing Vampire Hunter D twice in the school's daily bulletin. Joyyyeeeee. Felix actually came, too, waiting for the extreme violence and nudity to kick in, but he got really bored and left. But still, I'm attracting hard-core anime fans.

I starred in the Beginning Drama Show an hour or two ago. It consisted of 20 skits from the 2 Beginning Drama classes, and my skit was the second to go. It's called "the Fourth Debate," written by Aaron Nemoyten, who played as Jim Lehrer. I played as Al Gore and some kid named Shawn was Dubya. It was really funny, but the audience seemed to laugh more at Shawn's slapstick antics than my exaggerated Al Gore-isms. Ah well, it was funny anyway.

In World History, my group presented the "Rock 'N History" project, where we select a song with historical value and make a presentation about its topic. We chose "Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, about a National Guard shooting at Kent State, Ohio, in 1970. For a "pizazz" factor, we made a PowerPoint presentation of photos from the event, I interviewed my dad who was protesting at Albany State at the time, and...
I am a pretty good singer, so I just went up there, put my hands behind my back, and sung. People congratulated me later for my "bravery." Eh, being a NURRRD who's lost all credibility as a person, it comes naturally.

Well, time for "bed."

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Well, after trying to call John a million times two nights ago, I found that he's screwed me over and not given me Vampire Hunter D like he said he would. But lo, the original owner of the Anime Club from last year came to visit, and gave me a copy. W00! So I'll be able to show it at lunch.

I've started to make comics again about my life, so I'll be able to post them in my blogs. W00 again!

In other news, I was called a "genius" yesterday by this nice girl at my Temple yesterday for being able to improvise so well on the piano. Ehehe, that's cool.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Well, I got feedback from one person (Bob), and he sorta liked it. He found it too repetitive. Oh well, at least I like it.

Typing of the Dead is a really funny game. The main character, instead of a gun, has a Dreamcast on his back and a keyboard at his waist, hung over his shoulders. At rleast it ehelps me type better,;

I'm not sure how much I'm procrastinating with some big projects I have...... forgot when they're due.

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Monday, May 21, 2001

Well, it seems I'm ahead of schedule! ...or at least in my extracurricular activities. I've already completed my Final Battle theme. It can be downloaded here. Of course, you'll have to find the link to it!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! You have to WORK to get to the final battle!

...or you can download it here, since I don't want anyone to give up searching for what will be my favorite composition if I get enough praise for it.

Now... for homework!

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Well, after starting to walk upside-down after a Starbucks Caramel Macchiatto Rush, my head started to think... I can move this weblog to the Swamp, and it will start up again! Furthermore, I can make Thoughts From Hell a PART of the Swamp, and then blah blah blah! The Swamp will be popular as ever!!!

Additionally, Typing of the Dead is a KICKTASSTIC game. Download it now!
Swahili. Stupid. D. The seventh seal. Whooo!!! 600 WPM and STILL GOING!!!

I'm composing another MIDI (yay). It's called "Final Battle" since it's long and "epic" enough to be used for a final battle theme. I'm almost finished with it... I should be done by Tuesday with the schedule I currently have. W00! No more Romeo and Juliet rehearsal!

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Sunday, May 20, 2001


I forgot it's a Sunday, and everything's closed. And even if a store was open, I'd probably have to make a reservation for next month. ...Meh.

Well, after getting pretty far in Da Bouncaa, my family and I went to see Shrek. Greeeaaat movie. The graphics are amazing as predicted, the story's pretty funny, and the music is perfect. I love the way they ruthlessly rip off 500 other movies, too.

The Bouncer has unnecessary bagpipe BGM.

We had to drop Jason back off at his home, and I noticed something about the temperature as we went... it was 104 degrees in the parking lot of the mall, and just two cities away it was 50 DEGREES LESS. That's pretty weird. We live right in the middle, so it's a nice temperature around here. Just goes to show that Marin is an ideal California county... last winter one could go skiing, biking, and surfing on the SAME DAY.

Well, time to start on my homework. We're reading the Bible. *complains for 2 hours about separation of church and state* All right... NOW I'll start.

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Eh. Might as well say a few more things.

Soon, I'm going to split TFH's TFHs into two categories: rants and nonsense... so people will know when we're being serious or not. That will clear up a lot of confusion, I think.

My stepbrother is visiting this weekend.

He's got Down Syndrome. Although he's even more athletic than I (he's the champion of the local Special Olympics), when he's not bowling or running, he's sitting on his ass watching TV. And the stuff he's watching really fits him.


He likes Looney Tunes and wrestling. Actually, he LOVES wrestling. Right now, his face is a foot away from the TV, watching some dramatic story about how Quadruple T decieved Stoned John Sacramento while killing him in a car accident, and then his supermodel wife, Abbey Sue Lazywood, told him that he wasn't actually IN THE CAR AT THE TIME!

Heck, I'd say it fits him like a glove. Wouldn't he be the kind of person to jump up and shout for joy, cheering MR. SEDIMENTARY COMPRESSIONS on as he lays the WHOOP down on JYPAN? ...I can't imagine James doing that. :)

"My family, and I will hurt you." - some ugly guy in a bandana talking to Steve Austin

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HÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ!!! I'm done with my play, and I must say, the cast party sucked. Well, at least I got to show off my actin' skillz. I wonder if James or Steve saw it (no... figures). I got to talk about popularity issues with the best actor of the play, because even though he's tall, handsome, and could probably play EVERY CHARACTER in Romeo and Juliet, he was feeling a bit left out by the rest of the group. Eh.

I got back home at 3 in the morning. No one was driving home. So I'm a bit sleepy. SPEAKING ABOUT THAT, I'M GOING TO GET A HAIRCUT TODAY, TOO!








Bye! :) :) :)

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