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Saturday, May 12, 2001

Now Listening To: Me - Haircut Boogie

Attention, to all four of you that care, I made a little funk song over the Jungle Boogie, with all of jeff's 4/06/01 quotes that he recorded, and it kicks ass.

For the unitiated, it involves a lot of pain on Jeff's part, a shaved head, and more to come.

Not to mention, with my Sound Editing Skills, I was able to transform people's comments into things much more sinsiter.

Kevin, before: "Yadda Yadda yadda... I would smoke marijuana."
Kevin, after: "I smoke marijuana"

Tune in, and listen.

I'm working on another later, that'll incorporate more quotes like that one. Until then, CHOW DOWN!

Steve | 6:56 PM | Further Info

Now, while it LOOKS like I'm just filling up space here, be warned that my dad JUST walked in when I wasn't supposed to be on the computer last time, so be thankful I had time to post this. No, really. Get on your knees, scumbag. Get down. Get down.

"Get down, get down."

Now Listening To: Kool and the Gang - Jungle Boogie

This weekend's been pretty good so far. I rented Jackie H "The Legend of Drunken Master" with Jackie Chan (dubbed goodness), and like most of his movies, it had bad humor, bad acting (especially bad drunken acting), and mindblowing stunts and fight scenes that made up for everything. Just about every critic I heard said the movie had a crazy 20 minute fight scene at the end between only Jackie and his real life bodyguard...but it was a HOAX. It was only 15 minutes, and there were more people involved, so I couldn't tell who the bodyguard was. Still, the innovation and number of fight scene ideas that you'll never see anywhere else definitely made this movie worthwhile. I sound like a bad movie critic here.

I've realized that to read about my track meets is about as interesting as reading SinclairC's badminton results, so...I'll try to cut down on the track talk.

TODAY, however, is the all-important MCAL (Marin County Ape League) final, in which I compete against the fastest frosh/soph runners in the county. I qualified yesterday, and I'll try to put everything out of my mind during the race (I sometimes space out about something screwed up like Dr. Doom's Standing Fierce Punch Animation, or get Paul Van Dyk stuck in my head). It's kinda cool knowing you're in the group of top runners from all the schools in the county.

I must say, this Jungle Boogie's perfect blogging music. Jeff, take a note of that.

James | 1:31 PM | Further Info

Hey-hey, I'm back. Guess I'll start off with one of those cliched "Now Listening To" things that nobody really cares about.

Now Listening To: Nothing.

Lemme open up Winamp.

Now Listening To: BT - Content

Yum. This is one of those tracks with the fake piano synthesizer thrown in so it sounds all spiritual. I'm a sucker for these. More later.

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Friday, May 11, 2001

Blogger was down. Meh.

Anyway, I've been going a bit crazy at school about this Anime Club thing. Seems John's kicking anyone out of his club that goes to mine, and he's also paying people to beat me up (not that anyone's accepted the offer). This is getting dumb. And he's ignoring me when I try to talk to him, too. Meh...

I can't believe that after 5 years my stepmom's never heard me play piano. Well, she did, and she was impressed. Meh.

I forgot most of what I was going to say. Damn Blogger.

Jeffrey | 11:53 PM | Further Info

Wednesday, May 09, 2001

For the first time this year ... I'm not wearing any pants. :) :) :)

I like shorts! They're comfortable, and easy to wear! Or something.

I went swimming in PE. Fun.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Awlblalh. I biked 5 miles from my dad's to my mom's today... it's a great route... I expect I'll be doing it a lot this summer.

I got my report card in the mail, and it's the best I've gotten in years. 5 A's, One B+, and one C recovering from an F. My mom had nothing to say (much better than her tri-semesterly 5-hour fight with me), and my dad was very impressed. I also have only one big project happening in school, and I've already nearly completed it. The only big important thing these days is Romeo and Juliet, which shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of next week. I've got everything down with such a big part, but Romeo, despite being a big hunk and able to display sadness well... well, I know his part better than he.

BTW, our production of Romeo and Juliet takes place in the 1950's - *you groan and mutter "West Side Story" like EVERYONE ELSE who I've talked to about this* - the late 1950's, after WSS, and still in Verona, Italy (which I've actually visited). It'll still be sweet. No line changes or anything. We're not remaking Romeo and Juliet.

Right after the play ends, I plan on bleaching my hair and not cutting it until it grows pretty long. It's going to look dumb, but different!

That's all... dad's complaining that my cough is annoying him, so I should get to bed.

Jeffrey | 9:51 PM | Further Info is the funniest site ever. Notice how I spelled "ever," and you will be convinced. Holy mother of crap.

I just noticed: if you're behind a proxy disabling you from viewing a "certain" site, just look at it through Babelfish or the T'inator... they're like holes through firewalls. Hoohoo.

Nothing is happening in my life at all, so I feel pretty good. I'm not taking French next year... that'll probably cut down on the incoming TFH's, but at least I'll have more time to work on the site and such.


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Monday, May 07, 2001

A few more Zero Wing things:

Simeon's a big fan of the mistranslation, so this is the birthday card I gave him.

ALSO: I downloaded a save state from It was the end of the game. I must say... *screams*.
There's not another mistranslated sequence or anything; it's MUCH, MUCH WORSE... when you beat the final boss, you are presented with a nice, big CONGRATULATIONS! And THEN...


Much more screwed up than the mere mistranslation of the introduction, this is a dance of 12 California Raisin rejects, shivering cold... in SPACE!!! They're doing a can-can for a minute or two, and all throughout their dance, random ones begin shivering violently. As a grand finale, they all bow, and one floats off screen and ends up on the other side of it.

Then it takes you back to the first level. Once again, I must emphasize: *screams*

Jeffrey | 8:50 AM | Further Info

AAAAHHH. I'm finally done with this big-ass.

This big-ass.

Uh... let me try that one more time.

This big-ass essay that I had weeks to write but put off until the last day. Whoo, glad that's overwith.

I went to good ol' Simeon's birthday yesterday. Simeon has had his birthdays at Q-Zar (a local laser war arena) ever since his mama was a baby, therefore he wins because he's played so much. We arrived back so late that I slept over (so did everyone else...).

We stopped off at Blockbuster first, though, and rented hella movies, but we only watched 2. Of the movies we didn't watch was the anime Dominion Tank Police, which I'd really have liked to see.

Well, at least I installed Zero Wing and FF6 for Simeon to play. I installed them somewhere in the midst of the 6 GIGS of porno he has on his computer. Lucky bastard.

Speaking about that, I finally installed iMesh. PRAISE THE LORD JEFFREY!!!

Steve was sick for the past few days, but he was busy. Ahem. Doing something productive. For those of you who have been keeping up with 4/6/01, you'll know that it's got hours of me interviewing people at my school. Well, add a little Jungle Boogie in the background, mix it all up, and what have you got? The HAIRCUT BOOGIE~!!! People who haven't even been to the site think it's hilarious! Hooray!!!

Well, that's the end of another weekend.
I hate... uh... something.
CD Burners are good.
That really sucks for Chuji Wu or whatever being dead and all... (read James's previous post.) I'm sorry if it's bragging, but I'm alive and he isn't. HA HA.
Somebody stole me up the George Bush AYB bomb.
Simeon is not as fat as he was in 4th grade.
Arthur, who you do not know along with Simeon, is searching for his long lost love... in the phone book!!!
Post-It notes are sticky on one end most of the time.
Since Lobsterboy liked the Haircut Boogie, I must plug his site.
Speaking about web comics... I forgot about RPG World!!!!! U_U

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Sunday, May 06, 2001

help me

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