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Friday, May 04, 2001

The track meet didn't go so well, but at least I'll be moving on to MCALs (Marin Something Something Something), being one of the top 5 long-distancers...whee. Now if I could only get some motivation.

Speaking of motivation, I'm feeling pretty depressed tonight. Even though Steve compiled an amazing--well, you'll find out about that later...something happened over at that's hit the entire forum hard: The death of a member.

Just take a look at this to see what started it. It starts off a little slow for people to respond intelligently, but things get emotional...if you don't feel like caring, then just don't say anything. The person in question wasn't your average member. It's really affected some people.

Tonight, I've learned that is more than just strategies for MvC2.

Hmm, I'm sounding like Gary Pau--eh, I'm not really in the mood for making jokes now. This is affecting me more than it should. G'night.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2001

My mom was laid off today.

We're not going to move into that new big house.

Writing sentences as individual paragraphs makes me sound as lame and depressed as children's author Gary Paulsen.

Even fragments.


Anyway, I had a great day today. Aimee of the Rightful Anime Club(TM) appointed me as the new president as she sent herself into exile. That means I am the GOD OF ANIME at my school, while JohnWang is SATAN OF ANIME. Kick ass.

I biked to Jew School today, which is about a mile away on a windy route from my house. There are two GREAT bike routes to the place, though. When I'm a CIT in the summer there, those routes will come in mighty handy. At Jew School, I volunteered to play piano for an upcoming service. Damn, I can play a mean "Shalom Rav," and you'd be knocked over at my "Eili Eili."

Well, my big assignments for this week are quickly clearing up, and I'm feelin' fine. Whoo-ee. Time now to check on Mundi Noctem...

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Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Well, it's been a nice afternoon. I'm going to be the best actor EVAR in my school play. My parents and I looked around our prospective new house, and it looks awesome. Now if only my sister would stop complaining that it's not close to a mall, and I stopped reminding mom that it's 800 THOUSAND FRICKIN' UNAFFORDABLE DOLLARS, we'll be months away from moving in!

I cooked a giant chocolate mousse for French class today. Here I am in all my glory, preparing the best chocolate mousse EVAR for the hungry French students out there.

Well, since that ate up 4 hours of my day, I've only got 2 more hours of homework! LOL!@ Bye now.

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Big projects... I've got an essay on Monday... must start today. Also rehearsal today, have to memorize a monologue for Drama, and must find a good recipe for chocolate mousse.

Now, for the complaining...
My mom and stepdad announced they may be buying another house, this time one that they'd permanently live in, and they'd rent out the one we're in now. It's not such a bad idea... for one thing, the location is a few blocks from my dad's house, so there would be no more driving back and forth. That would be a big load off on everyone.

The bad stuff, though: Lily does NOT want to move. She has friends where she lives, and there are none in Dad's neighborhood. Also, it would be more of a hassle for both of us to get to school, seeing how at least one of the schools (mine) is very close to our current house (as I stated before, we live right behind it). Also, it's the cost... I don't think Mom would get enough money for a new house by just renting out our current one. I think we'd have to sell it, which is the general idea, but probably not until I leave for college.

This is all great and such, but it's just an idea. There's probably a 50% chance of this happening... and it'd happen over the summer. Exciting stuff, though. Lily burst into tears the moment she heard, and I jumped for joy.

"Yo" means "you know" in Japanese. It's like you can say it at the end of a sentence, yo.

Lobster sticks to magnet.

I added a "Further Info" feature to this journal, in case anyone wants to add further info to any of these blogs. It probably won't come in handy at ALL, but what the hell.

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Monday, April 30, 2001

I'm pooped. Meaning: I feel like shit. Why am I swearing so openly these days? Stupid adolescence.

You almost never see adults swearing as much as kids do. I was listening to a conversation between two teachers for half an hour while I waited in the office, and they were intelligent enough NOT to resort to swearing to get their points across. I think swearing openly when you're over thirty makes you look trashy, but any time before that is still fine. Kinda like the guys in their 30s who still go to the arcade to play Pac Man (but it's fine when you're still in your 20s--all the tournament Street Fighters are in college!). But fuck, I'm a fuckin teenager now BITCH so now I can look all fuckin TIGHT so FUCK YOU ALL. Yeah! Now I can fit in!

OMFG of the day...I usually have Chemistry tutoring every Monday, so I miss track practice. But tutoring got out early today, so I tried to sneak out of school to go to the mall. Turns out when I was walking, two of the guys on my track team saw me trying to walk away as they were running Devon (look it up of our papers), so then I thought they'd tell the coach, who'd get all pissed off at me for trying to take a day off practice.

So then I went back to school and started walking around, a nervous wreck, scared that the coach was going to yell at me and pissed at myself, so I decided to change into my track clothes and kick my own ass (a la Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar) by doing a workout that I call "Gowdey, You Suck." Short Ridge (4 miles), hill repeats (run up and down a hill...I lost count how many times), and Double Devon (3 miles, or 2 Devons). I ran for an hour and a half until I could barely stand, then came back and found out that the coach didn't know anything about me sneaking out in the first place. To quote Jeff, "God...damn you all." He won't be pissed at me for trying to sneak out, but he won't know that I busted my ass for no reason, either. And I ran Double Devon earlier in P.E., too. So that's 10 miles for today. I hope never to do that again.

I'm so tired now, all I can think of are lame jokes. Why do I bother running again?

My cat is a Communist. He keeps saying "MAO" (remember, any joke that doesn't involve drug references is "lame" in school)

I just thought up the best name for a superhero, ever. Even better than "Captain Canada":


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Steve's letting me listen to what is now the BSET SGON EVAR.

On Monday mornings, school starts at 9:15, so we always get a lot of time to do stuff in the computer lab. So far, we've littered the boards with pants at my roleplaying town Mundi Noctem, then we killed each other in a Tic-Tac-Toe deathmatch on the Swamp Groupbard, and then I zoomed in on a fold in the pants of a new picture I drew in Flash.

I'm also working on a MIDI of FFX's Suteki Da Ne, like I promised I wouldn't. Eh. Whatever, it's a pretty nice song. It'll get really old fast like all the other Uematsu ballads, though.

I'm going to research making a géant Créme Brulée for French... that'll be thweet.
I've also got a big ass-ay to write for W. History (like M. Bison)... I should get started on that before it's due 4th period today.

I can't believe nobody celebrated Pants Day on the 26... even though I created it on that day. There's always next year when I'm planning a parade down Stockton street in SF, honoring pants... UNTIL THEN!

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Sunday, April 29, 2001


Well, it's been a "hectic" weekend for me so far. I guess you could call it a non-stop weekend, but then you'd be an idiot.

Lessee... after I came home from school, I got ready to go to this temple service that the 10th grade "Midrasha" class would be leading. I didn't mess up that bad when it came my time to lead. Afterwards, there was a sleepover there. I hung out with these girls - here's the amazing part - they were anime fans, but REAL LIFE ones! They're just like the people you meet on the internet that think they suck, constantly make references to crack, and say "^_^;;;;," but in REAL LIFE!!!!! WOW!!!!!

I feel asleep watching Gattaca.

Next morning, I was rushed to Japanese class, where I discovered an 81/80 on my Midterm. YAY!!!! That doesn't mean I'm not failing the class, though.

I then went back to my school, where a courtyard renovation was taking place. You see, our school facilities SUCK and the students vandalizing it don't help, so the sane people are trying the best they can to make the school look nice. I give it until Wednesday when all the flowers we planted will be ripped up and stepped on. It felt good, nonetheless. And to top it off, I got extra credit in a few classes for it. The only catch: James was there too. AAAAAAAAAAUGHG!!!!!

Afterwards, I got ready to babysit for Joel and Elliot, two kids I've known for a while. We watched Titan AE which wouldn't have sucked if only there was a better ending.

Next morning, I went to Dad's, where I found Lily had rented a game called Roller Coaster for the PS2. Pretty mediocre game... it was just like Roller Coaster Tycoon, only in 3D and easier. The graphics could have been better.

I'll be doing homework for the rest of the weekend, I guess. bai

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