2:20 - James leaves school for track meat.

2:21 - Without James to save him, Jeff is prone to attacks by angry anti-pants activists. *

2:28 - James arrives at San Rafael High School, trips going in.

2:30 - 10 minutes into 7th period, Steve falls asleep (and during jazz band, too).

2:31 - Jeff is lynched, strangled by his own pants legs, and displayed on a tree by shorts-wearers.

2:50 - Felix hooks up with a T.A. somewhere and gets really drunk.

2:50 - Bell rings, Steve still doesn't wake up.

3:15 -
James begins running mile at the track meet.

3:16 -
Felix hits a blooper to shallow left-center field and makes it to first base. **

3:17 -
The ball is bobbled, and Felix makes it to second with a double!

3:19:59 -
James FINISHES, breaking his 5:00 mile, and celebrates.

3:20 -
Felix contemplates stealing third base...

3:21 -
James, celebrating, goes into DDR dance.

3:21:05 -
James declared Universally Gay by Szabo and Sos. ***

3:21:06 -
Felix makes his move and goes for third!

3:22 -
Steve poked by trombonist coming into band room after school.

3:23 -
Felix slides into third base just BARELY!

3:24 -
Jeff's body makes its 31st rotation.

3:27 -
Felix, during throes of ecstacy (both kinds), contemplates stealing home.

3:26 -
Steve poked again.

3:27 -
Felix starts to steal as Billy hits a sacrifice fly ball.

3:28 -
Felix halfway home as the ball is still airborne, goes back to 3rd to tag up.

3:28:30 -
Ball is caught, Felix tags up and heads home...

3:29 -
Steve pronounced dead at 3:29 PM.

3:29 -
Max Caires (in Steve's dream) takes out some guy's legs with a crowbar. ****

3:29 -
Jeff's body hit with egg.

3:30 - SAFE!!! TA brought to gut-wrenching climax, spontaneously combusts, killing Felix instantly.

3:31 thru 6:30 -
James listens to headphones, runs 2-Mile, trips again.

6:30 -
Seeing his friends never showed up, James is forced to take Sos, Szabo, and Paul Chun to concert.

7:30 -
Concert declared Gay by Szabo, Sos is bus raving/breakdancing with Paul and AzNs. James is deaf.

2 AM -
Steve wakes up in body bag, concert ends.

* April 26th was National Pants Day, and during school, Jeff was decked out in four pairs of pants.
** Baseball innuendo.
*** Daniel Szabo and Brandon Sos classify everything into two categories, "gay" or "cool." If something isn't cool for them, one of them snorts, "[X] is gay..." followed by the other saying "Yea..."
**** Steve was (and still is ) in a Max Payne phase.