* trunk, f00
Funny Quote of Track and Field: Bruce * : "The car's goin' so slow because I got all this
shit in the back!"*

Me (in backseat): "Hey!"

*cue canned laughter*

Funny Quote of Track and Field: Bruce: "The car have started to move. All your
shit are belong to us."

Me: "What!! Very thanks!"

*cue giant pink bear attacking Tokyo*

For our next story great justice : Sage ** is Jewish!

For our next story: I'm going to this stupid
Jewish camp at 4:00 to Sunday Night!
For our next story: $null
For our next story: $null
For our next story: $null
--- Random Cereal Name Generator: Oh Henry's Blue Sweatshirt ***
with BruceBalls of Nuts -- MADE IN KAZAKHSTAN!

Steve is pimpin'. I envy/hate/want to manhandle/want to "manhandle" him.
Wow, if I could start wearing all black and turn my headphones up REALLY LOUD
and act like I'm stoned and walk with 1 hand in my pocket and not return ANYTHING
my friends lent me and brag about giving back massages, I could talk to ANY GIRL

But seriously. If it weren't for my social ineptitude, I could say the SAME THINGS
he's saying. Talk about how stupid and " hard " school is (yeah, right).

I can do that but I don't feel like it.


It's cuz you've got a girlfriend, and he's swinging single. WITH STEPH BEARARRGRH

Actually, Mikosi and I recently became "friends."

...really? Crap, does that mean...


Yes, it does. We talk to each other more than
ever before, and there's no such thing as cheating
on her! Also, now I can fulfill all my homosexual
fantasies! ( kidding , I think.)

On a related note, I dreamed that Lowtax
(from Something Awful) was my roomate.

...quit changing the subject. Let's talk about why Steve SUCKS :D
  Well, he may. Homosexuals hang out with girls a lot. Ha.
I got an EZ Board.

  YAY. Instead, let's start a new website with some of t
I wish I was in an all-boys school. Then there would be no chance of seeing girls I like get stolen.

The conv moved onto "sexual harassment ." harris-ment. **** Ha.

Steve has left the building unzipped his pants left the building.

Funny how none of the important topics got answered.

Die, Callidus/Steve. If talking about how stupid school was got you ass, then I'd be The Assman.

* Bruce is James's cross country coach.
** Sage is a fellow French classmate. James continuously refers to her as PaRappa thin.
*** Henry is a cross country runner who always wears a blue sweatshirt.
**** In an old educational video, Kansans kept saying "harris-ment" instead of "harassment."