TL-Bashing Song (Sung to the Can-Can)
This school is full of You Go Girls and idiots afraid of gays
Every kind of stereotype I see in the halls every da-ay
Potheads and way-too-happy girls who laugh at every other word
Hypocrites who run around, calling everybody "NURDS!"

While I'm sick of
Seeing such stupidity
At least I'm not
Getting "capped" in the city!

'Course, that doesn't
Make TL a better place
It's just as bad
As a boil on Olga's face!

( daaahhhhhhhh hhHHH!)

There are wrestling fans like Omid
Who always seem to show me
More reasons why I stopped watching all that crap and
Then there's cokewhores like Bri Meyer
Whose asses set on fire
After all their "boyfriend"'s sodomy

Don't even get me started
On guys who act retarded
Whenever it comes to solving problems during class - the
Pot fxcks your mind like ass
that you flunk every class
Yep, inluding lunch - I've seen it happen